Step into the captivating realm of Kanade! Where we seek to bring people together all day over good drinks, food, company and conversations.


Kanade Japanese Restaurant and Bar takes pride in being a premier destination for a wide range of occasions, including special events, corporate dinners, and more. Whether you’re traveling or organising an event, our restaurants is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience, backed by our esteemed reputation and outstanding service.

Our expertise lies in catering to both private and group dining needs, corporate events, work brunches, client lunches, and various other special occasions. We strive to ensure that each visit to our establishment leaves a lasting impression, enticing you to return for more exceptional moments.


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🎉 Celebrate the Lunar New Year at KANADE! 🐉

Embrace the spirit of the Lunar New Year at KANADE as we invite you to savor the richness of our specially crafted menu, inspired by the traditions and flavors of this auspicious celebration.

Join us for a delightful dining experience filled with the vibrancy of the Lunar New Year, and let’s welcome a year of abundance together!

💖 Indulge in Love: Valentine's Day Special Menu! 💖

Our culinary team has curated an exquisite menu featuring the finest ingredients and flavors that capture the essence of love. From tantalizing appetizers to indulgent main courses and delightful desserts, each dish is crafted with passion and precision, featuring the freshest ingredients of the day!

Or if you prefer, choose your own journey with our ala carte menu!