The Latch – The Ultimate Food and Drink Guide to Enjoy During Vivid Sydney


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Vivid Sydney, an annual celebration of creativity, innovation and technology, will transform Sydney for 23 days from Friday May 26 to Saturday June 17. Now in its 13th year, the festival has prompted venues around the city to offer special packages with food and drink in line with the festivals underlying illumination theme.

There are now countless places where you can sip a Vivid-themed cocktail or tuck into inspired set menus all while soaking in dazzling views of the installations. But what are some of the most mesmerising, memorable and unmissable experiences?


Keep scrolling to build your food and drink itinerary to take in while enjoying Vivid Sydney.

Kanade’s Vivid Cocktail, Wynyard

Kanade’s Vivid Sydney cocktail, pictured below, is made with grape juice, lychee and gin. Pair it with a sashimi and roll combo platter. The restaurant opened on Clarence Street in May this year, and aims to give Sydneysiders a Tokyo experience, without the flights. It’s open for lunch and dinner with a Japanese-Italian fushion kaiseki menu.

🎉 Celebrate the Lunar New Year at KANADE! 🐉

Embrace the spirit of the Lunar New Year at KANADE as we invite you to savor the richness of our specially crafted menu, inspired by the traditions and flavors of this auspicious celebration.

Join us for a delightful dining experience filled with the vibrancy of the Lunar New Year, and let’s welcome a year of abundance together!

💖 Indulge in Love: Valentine's Day Special Menu! 💖

Our culinary team has curated an exquisite menu featuring the finest ingredients and flavors that capture the essence of love. From tantalizing appetizers to indulgent main courses and delightful desserts, each dish is crafted with passion and precision, featuring the freshest ingredients of the day!

Or if you prefer, choose your own journey with our ala carte menu!